Why Choose Us

Service and repair of various ranges of car models

Due to our insatiable desire and passion to learn in the early stage of our set-up, we have acquired the knowledge to service and repair a wide range of car models which includes Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, ,Kia, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW and many more.

One-Stop Service Centre

Unpredictable breakdowns can be extremely stressful and inconvenient. By being a single point of contact for each of your automobile needs, we remove as much hassle and confusion for you as possible. Whether you are looking for routine maintenance, insurance help, emergency towing, or a motor makeover, we have the services and equipment to cater to those needs.

Experienced and devoted team

We have a dedicated team who not only equipped with many years of experience in maintaining and repairing of cars but are also devoted to the jobs assigned to them. Rather than just getting the job done, our team will also conduct a thorough check and advise on any necessary repairs needed. We strive to reduce any possible breakdowns to your car in the future.

Well-equipped workshop with latest high-tech equipment

Our workshop is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, diagnostic tools, softwares and computer systems that are able to cater to the many makes of car models. This allows our skilled technician to focus on the problems highlighted, minimize guesswork, time and this leads to more accurate repairs.

Spray painting equipment

Coupled with quality paint and oven-baked re-spraying, this is the best way to spray a car to achieve the desired result. Baking creates a hard compound of the paint, making it more durable and resistant to scratching. Our experienced spray painters will make sure that your car gets the glossy enamel surface which delivers a mirror effect for the perfect finish!

Insurance claims

With years of experience in dealing with insurance claims, we are able to handle all the necessary reporting, documentation and claiming of insurance for you; be it claiming your own insurance or 3rd party claims. We are able to provide you an assessment of the accident and guide you on the best options available to you.