Our Facilities

Diversity of car models

Utilising high tech diagnostic equipment, our team is able to service a wide range of car.

Customer reception

A team of customer consultant to assist with your needs and requests.

Waiting lounge

A comfortable air-conditioned waiting lounge with complimentary hot beverages to enjoy while waiting for your car to be serviced.

Wheel alignment

State of the art equipment and software for computerized measurement to conduct both 2 or 4 wheel alignment and is to ensure precise optimum road holding and minimize tire wear.

Diagnostic equipment

Up to date diagnostic equipment and software are use to accurately pinpoint the problems that your car faces resulting in faster resolution.

Air con maintenance

Be it be repair or maintenance of air con system, our machine is able to clean, flush with our latest air con recycling machine.

Car wash facility

Every car serviced comes with a complimentary car wash and vacuum of vehicle interior.

Experienced service crew

Our mechanics consistently undergo skills upgrading to sharpen their skills and get updated on technology to keep pace with the industry..

Spray booth and oven

With an oven-bake system, your car is sprayed in a dust-free environment and the high temperature of the oven allows paint to dry instantly, thus avoiding any drips which can occur when applying multicoats of paint. The filtration system incorporated in the oven prevents dust from settling on the paintwork before it dries.

Parking space

Ample parking lots.